SAS Institute Heidelberg 7s

Thank you all for coming and for making it an unforgettable weekend!


Save the date for 2018: 22nd to 24th June!

À la prochaine en 2018: réservéz la date pour 22 à 24 Juin!


Here the final rankings for both tournaments 2017.

Girls Juniors
1. Comité Regional de Rugby do Centro (Portugal)
2. Dukkies (Netherlands)
3. Comité de Rugby de Lorraine (France)
4. Swallows (Latvia)
5. Comité de Rugby des Midi Pyrénées
6. Rugby Association Baden Württemberg (Germany)
7. Rugby Association Nordrhein Westfalen (Germany)
8. Rugby Association Bayern (Germany)
1. Comité de Rugby des Midi Pyrénées (France)
2. Rugby Academy Nederland (Netherlands)
3. Rugby Association Baden-Württemberg (Germany)
4. Brussels 7s Development (Belgium)
5. Comité de Rugby de Lorraine (France)
6. Czech Republic
7. Rugby Association Hessen (Germany)
8. Romania
9. Comité de Rugby do Centro (Portugal)
10. Selkirk
11. Israel
12. Rugby Association Hamburg (Germany)
13. Rugby Association Bayern (Germany)
14. Rugby Association Baden Württemberg II (Germany)
15. Rugby Association Northrhine Westfalia (Germany)
16. Rugby Association Saxony (Germany)

Hoping to see you all again in 2018!

À la prochaine en 2018!

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